Saturday, October 27, 2018

Bison Adventure Saturday Sum Up

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Seth, Gabrielle, and I went on a wagon ride to see some bison at a local farm last week. The bison usually just graze (though they get corn silage in the winter). But, when they hear the wagons coming, they run over to the fence because they know it means GRAIN! It's a rare treat for them. We've been to see the bison in the summer. (Read about that here.) They were much more engergetic in the cool weather. There was much frolicking!

We got to pick pumpkins after seeing the bison. Seth opted NOT to pick and decorate a pumpkin. I, however, have NO problem enjoying childish pursuits. The pumpkin with the face is mine. Gabrielle deemed hers a fail, but it's colorful!

The farm also has emus, a pony, a calf, and some turkeys. In the photo at the bottom, Gabrielle is giggling because a few moments before an emu had poked her right in the backside.
We had an assembly at school yesterday. Karin Nagi came and demonstrated several traditional Arabic instruments for the kids. He was very engaging, and the kids learned a lot. 
I barely took any photos at work this week! Too busy. This photo is super blurry, but I included it because it's so cute. I finally decided to try Epic in the classroom. (Teacher accounts are free.) These 2 had a sideways page in their book and had their heads turned to read it. A few seconds later, they turned their Chromebooks instead, but I was lucky enough to get this picture in time.  

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  1. Where's this farm with the bison? How fun is that! The assembly looked really interesting, too! I'll be linking up soon!