Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Give Your Teacher Brain a Break

You've just worked 10 hours. You want to come home and enjoy your family. But... your teacher brain just keeps on THINKING. And THINKING. And THINKING. I'm about to start my 20th year of teaching, and I still have trouble leaving work at work and staying balanced.
Welcome to Happy Teacher Tip Tuesday! I'm linking up with Marla from A Word on Third to share some ways to help you give your teacher brain a break.  

1. Use to-do lists. They'll keep you focused and productive. If you don't get to absolutely everything before you need to run out the door, the to-do list will be there to help you finish the rest the next day. Writing things down also prevents thoughts from swirling around in your brain all evening. Jot it and then don't think about it until you're back at work! 

I make lists as I plan.  I place a sticky note for each day on a piece of colorful paper. As I plan, I jot down what I'll need for each day.  Then I can easily prioritize if my prep time is limited. And our prep time is always limited, right?  
2. Find a low-prep hobby. I keep an adult coloring book and markers on a table next to my recliner so I can unwind at night. I listen to audiobooks in the car on my way home from work.
3. Exercise. In this case, I don't always follow my own advice! Making exercise a habit is hard for me. I've found though that I'm just so much happier when I make the time to get my heartrate up. My favorite thing to do is pop in a DVD. I attempt to do Tae Bo or beginner's Zumba.  Attempt is the operative word! I look ABSOLUTELY silly. My kids make fun of me. I scare the cats. But I smile more when I take the time to work out. 
4. This last tip is for teachers of faith. PRAY, particularly when you are worried about a student. The Lord loves them even more than you do. Worrying won't help. Place them in His hands. 
I hope these tips are valuable and that you have a balanced and wonderful year. Head over to Marla's blog, A Word on Third, to read more teacher happiness tips.


  1. I love coloring books! I don't listen to audio books, but I listen to podcasts constantly. It is really nice! How do you get your audio books?

  2. I just tried commenting and I think my comment disappeared! Sorry if you get two comments. :)

    I don't listen to audio books, but I so love listening to podcasts. How do you snag your audio books?