Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Preventing Perilous Piles

Marla from A Word on Third hosts a biweekly linky, and I'm happy to be participating.

This week, I'm sharing an organizational tip that should help prevent those dangerous, gravity-defying piles of papers!

Confession: I used to be a piler. For real. It's embarrassing to remember, really. I've decided to be transparent and show you what I mean using photos. That's my son 9 years ago with my sister-in-law. Look behind them!

Admittedly, pile-ups sometimes still occur in my classroom. But the piles are less tall and don't hang around as long! Here's what I do now.
I have a file crate with dated files for 3-5 weeks. Whenever I copy something I'll need, I automatically place it in the corresponding file. 

Parent volunteers, paraprofessionals, and inclusion team-teachers know about my system. If any of them make copies for me, I always jot the date that I'll need it so they can place the sheets in the correct file. 

On Fridays, I take a few minutes to change the dates on the empty files.

Tip: Save time and sticky notes by using pencil to jot the dates. Then you can just erase and fill in the correct dates without removing the post-its.

Visit Marla's blog to read more Happy Teacher Tips. Perhaps leave some of your own tips in the comments. I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Ooooh... I was a bad offender of piling! I love file folders. They are easier and more realistic for me than the pretty binders that take way too long to make. File folders are a godsend. I love this tip!

    Jan, I'm so glad you participated in my linky again, and I hope you will keep sharing your fabulous tips every two weeks! :)