Friday, July 28, 2017

3rd Grade Place Value With Freebies

Back to school for me always means PLACE VALUE review. It builds number sense and is a foundation for so many other 3rd grade skills.

That's why I've rounded up a few activities I like to use to build place value review into my classroom math block.  (Did you get the double meaning? ROUNDED up?)

Place Value Towers
I'd love to take credit for the brilliance and simplicity of this idea, but I can't! Ashleigh has some amazing place value products in her store, and place value towers was included in this unit.  I use this the first week of school, and it's always a a huge hit. It provides solid review and also allows me to see how well the students work collaboratively.
Place Value Bullseye
Alas, this is not an original idea of mine either! Amy Lemons shared how she uses googly eyes for place value in this blog post.

I adapted her idea for older students. 

Grab copies of the differentiated sheets I created by clicking here.

Spinners and Dice 
Using a variety of materials for practice is key. The kids love them, and it's easy to pull them out for early finishers. Kids can simply spin a number and then write it in standard form and expanded form. 

Choral Counting and Charting
I always start my rounding unit by having students skip count by tens and hundreds chorally. We chart as we chant! I like to do this because it reinforces the idea that "tens" don't stop at 100. 

After we chant and chart I show students a number, and we determine which two multiples of ten the number would come between. We place a piece of sticky note or washi tape between those two tens. We usually do several examples.  I use the same approach when we round by hundreds. I find that providing this foundation helps students round numbers later on. I leave the charts up for reference.

Round and Roll
Lots of practice is essential, and it has to be engaging! I have a freebie that can help! Click here to grab it. 

Other Products That You Might Find Useful
Many products in my store include place value practice. I also have some additional freebies available.
Click here to find it.
Click here to find it. Although it says "back to school", it is perfect for any time of the year.

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