Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Preventing Perilous Piles

Marla from A Word on Third hosts a biweekly linky, and I'm happy to be participating.

This week, I'm sharing an organizational tip that should help prevent those dangerous, gravity-defying piles of papers!

Confession: I used to be a piler. For real. It's embarrassing to remember, really. I've decided to be transparent and show you what I mean using photos. That's my son 9 years ago with my sister-in-law. Look behind them!

Admittedly, pile-ups sometimes still occur in my classroom. But the piles are less tall and don't hang around as long! Here's what I do now.
I have a file crate with dated files for 3-5 weeks. Whenever I copy something I'll need, I automatically place it in the corresponding file. 

Parent volunteers, paraprofessionals, and inclusion team-teachers know about my system. If any of them make copies for me, I always jot the date that I'll need it so they can place the sheets in the correct file. 

On Fridays, I take a few minutes to change the dates on the empty files.

Tip: Save time and sticky notes by using pencil to jot the dates. Then you can just erase and fill in the correct dates without removing the post-its.

Visit Marla's blog to read more Happy Teacher Tips. Perhaps leave some of your own tips in the comments. I'd love to hear from you.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday July

Happy Friday! I'm a few days late for the July edition of Show and Tell Tuesday, which is hosted by Stephanie at Forever in Fifth Grade

We've been to the beach several times this month. I'm so thankful that I live within easy driving distance of the ocean. I've discovered that LARGE PRINT books are best for me at the beach. I can wear sunglasses instead of reading glasses and still see the words! Win!

My kids and I tried letterboxing for the first time. A local plant nursery with six spectacular greenhouses has set up a letterboxing adventure. I don't grow things. Ever. But I love wandering around in their greenhouses. In one of the greenhouses, there's a Ponderosa lemon tree that's 117 years old. In the picture above, you'll notice several types of citrus growing on one tree. Different types of fruits have been grafted in. 
My kids LOVE to read as much as I do. We've been to two used bookstores this month and to the Salvation Army store. We leave with armloads of books. One of the used bookstores we just discovered yesterday, and it's right in our town. We've also been spending lots of time in the library. Gabrielle has been all about logging her books online and doing challenges.
I've read two professional books and lots of "just because" books. I highly recommend Grammar Matters by Lynne Dorfman and Diane Dougherty.
I've been trying to eat lots of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and other healthy options this summer. But, sometimes you just really want roast beef! My husband, the kids, and I went on a jaunt to this place to get delicious roast beef sandwiches and coffee milk. Coffee milk is a Rhode Island thing. In fact, it's their official state drink!

You'll notice that this post had very little school-related content. I'm in full summer mode! Head over to Forever in Fifth Grade to read other Show and Tell Tuesday posts.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Happy Teacher Tip Tuesdays

Marla from A Word on Third has started a brand new linky, and I'm so excited to participate!

This week, I'm sharing a wellness tip that has helped me feel better and be happier. Smoothies!

Last winter, I watched the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on Netflix. Whoa, was it ever an eye-opener. For a limited time, you can watch it here. It's still available on Netflix also.

The man who made the film started juicing and eating a mostly plant-based diet. I am not a juicer, but it did inspire me to start trying to get LOTS more fruits, veggies, and natural whole foods into my diet. 

I feel SO much better since changing my diet, and smoothies have been a tasty and easy way to do it. My favorite recipe:

I'd love to hear from you in the comments if you give smoothies a try. Please share recipes, too! I'm always looking for good ideas. 

Head over to Marla's blog to link up and find more Teacher Happiness tips. 

FYI: My Smoothies Pinterest board has several other recipes.