Sunday, November 26, 2017

Winter Color Your Answers Freebie and a SALE

Happy almost-December! I live in Connecticut, and winter's imminent arrival causes mixed feelings for me! Snow is moderation. I don't mind shoveling...once in awhile. Cold weather is moderation. Ice is NEVER fun unless you're an ice-skater. (I'm not.)

Despite the things I don't like about winter, I'm a celebrator at heart. So, I'm sharing a wintery freebie today. The problems are primarily multiplication, but I threw in some multidigit addition and subtraction problems for review. To download the freebie, click here or on the image below.

Also, I'm happy to announce THE CYBER SALE at Teachers Pay Teachers.  It's happening on November 27th and 28th. 

My entire store, including ALREADY DISCOUNTED BUNDLES will be on sale. TPT will give you an extra 5% off when you use the code CYBER17. 

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Christmas and Winter Ideas and Freebies

It's almost December, so Christmas is right around the corner! Since the kids are excited, I'll be using holiday-related materials to keep them interested when I can. I'm sharing some idea and some FREEBIES in this post. 

Explain it to the elf! 

Explaining mathematical thinking is always tricky for kids, so I've used this seasonal idea to engage them.

Students write a friendly letter to a quickly-crafted elf explaining mathematical concepts and vocabulary. These examples were multiplication related. Click here to grab a free copy of the "Explain it to the Elf" sheets I created. I've left it extremely open-ended so you can adapt the task to your grade level. Some possible prompts could ask students to explain:
  • how to round a number using a number line
  • how to estimate a sum or difference using rounding
  • why an answer is reasonable (or NOT reasonable)
  • how to add or subtract with regrouping
Practice rounding to the nearest nearest hundred using this Christmas Roll, Round, & Color Freebie
This fun rounding activity has simple directions (included) and is a hit with kids. Grab a copy by clicking here or on the image below. 

Write Multiplication Story Problems Using Christmas-y Sets of Objects
Simply set the materials up in stations. Students rotate around the room with lined paper and clipboards writing multiplication story problems for each set of objects.

Here are materials I've used.

 Seven cups with two straws in each

Three packages of plates with eight plates in each package
Seven stapled sets of "ugly sweater" papers with three papers in each set.

Four packages of bows with nine bows in each package

 Two trays with six "cookies" on each

Five Christmas gift bags with four Christmas pencils in each bag

Use Holiday Stories to Teach Theme
Use holiday books to teach or reinforce theme. I love to read Too Many Tamales, Little Red Riding Hood, and A Pudding Like a Night on the Sea from the book The Stories Julian Tells. They all have similar themes. 

Two other stories with similar themes are Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by Robert L. May and Sleeping Ugly by Jane Yolen. 

I'm embarrassed to share the image above! I hand drew those one night on the couch. I've created newer, more attractive sheets that you can grab by clicking here or on the image below. 

Free Gift Tags
Clearly, this isn't a teaching idea. I just thought you might need some cute tags for student gifts. Grab a copy of the gift tags by clicking here or on the image below.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday November

Welcome to the November edition of Show and Tell Tuesday with Stephanie at Forever in 5th Grade! I hope your week is off to a great start. 

We're going to be wrapping up our unit on Connecticut Native Americans soon. The kids used their notes to independently plan out how they could build wigwams out of a selection of materials from the dollar store. Then, I assigned groups. They needed to share their plans with one another and then figure out how they could combine their ideas into a workable plan. They're working in groups now to build the structures. Our classroom is definitely looking learned in!

We've been working on addition and subtraction with regrouping. That can get stale, but kids need SO much practice with facts and with the algorithm. During our rotations, some groups worked with me. They rolled foam dice to create numbers and then added. The photo above was taken during our pajama day. Can you see the stuffed animal? The fidget spinners were for a math facts group. One student spun while the others in the group did as many facts as they could before the spinner stopped. Then, someone else got a turn to spin. SO engaging!

We finished a brief unit on opinion writing. We've moved on to a realistic fiction unit. The kids spent time developing characters and settings. Then, they planned a story by sketching across five sticky notes. The sticky notes got transferred to five-page writing booklets and the drafting began! (I probably don't need to tell you that not everyone wrote that much!)

The top photo is my daughter petting her brother's head when she was 4 months old. She'd make very animated cooing sounds. The photo above is her petting his head last week. Their relationship makes me smile.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fall Ideas and Freebies

Here in Connecticut, brisk fall weather has FINALLY arrived. It's inspired me to share some fun fall activities along with some FREEBIES. 

#1:  Candy Corn Comparing 
I rarely use food in class, but there are times when a small ration of candy corn seems like a good way to amp up a lesson. Here, students were using candy corn as greater than/less than symbols. I also gave students buttons with equal signs written on them. I got this idea from a post by Amy Lemons. You can grab the freebie sheet shown here.

#2:  Take a Closer Look at a Tree

I like to teach my tree unit in the fall. It works perfectly, because we can spend time learning about tree life cycles and why leaves change color.  Apple activities fit nicely, as well.  Fall is a perfect time to get your class outside to observe some trees. You can grab this FREE observation recording sheet by clicking here

Leafy Literacy Activities includes informational passages with related comprehension resources, multisyllabic word practice, and grammar activities. Click here or on the image below to see it in my store. 

#3: Turkey Roll and Round Activity
This is just a quick and easy rounding activity I created. It includes boards for rounding to the nearest ten and to the nearest hundred. Just click here or on the image below to download. 

#4: Scarecrow Book Characters
That's me when I was younger and less gray! I'm holding the Junie B. Jones scarecrow that my students and I created. The classes in our school all created scarecrows and wrote character descriptions to accompany them. 

#5: Pumpkin Book Characters

You've probably seen this idea on TPT or Pinterest. This is a class pumpkin we made years ago. Each class in our school created a pumpkin book character to display in the hall. You could also assign book character projects to students to do at home. Need inspiration? Check out my Fall Teaching Ideas Pinterest board for other storybook pumpkin ideas. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: October

Welcome to the October edition of Show and Tell Tuesday with Stephanie at Forever in 5th Grade! I hope your week is off to a great start. 

My husband bought this police officer's uniform for my nephew.
That's a "ticket" he's holding. 

The weather hasn't been very "fallish" in Connecticut. We have had to very crisp days. But mostly we'e had warmish, humid days in the 70s. Not my favorite. The warm temperatures are nice for playing outside though. My niece and nephew hung out with us a couple of Saturdays ago, and a lot of our time was spent in the yard.

We've got math rotations running smoothly. This partner activity using cards is a favorite. You can grab it for free by clicking here. (There is a multiplication version included in the freebie as well.)

I've been really focusing on promoting a Growth Mindset this year. Here are a couple of videos I've found.  

My daughter got a cute haircut and prescription glasses! She's been enjoying actually being able to see stuff! Apparently things have been kind of fuzzy for quite some time now. We never knew!

Thanks for visiting! Happy October!