Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday Night Sum Up

I'm WAY too late for Five for Friday, so I'm calling this post "Saturday Night Sum Up".  This will be a quick post sharing what we've been up to. You'll notice there is NOTHING school-related. I've been in full summer mode. Thanks to Kacey at  Doodlebugs
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Beach trip! I love living near the ocean. Since the kids spent a lot of time playing in the sand, I even had time to read!

We visited Old Sturbridge Village. The "village" is actually a museum made up of historical buildings that were moved from other locations. Each year, I go on a field trip to OSV with my students. It was fun to enjoy the village with my own children. We weren't crunched for time, so we got to see everything.


We visited the library to renew some books and replenish our supply of reading material. Gabrielle had the bag half full within the first ten minutes. By the time Seth and I had made our selections, it was stuffed.

My friend and her family pool sit each summer, and they invited us to spend the day with them. We spent most of our time in the pool, but we also managed to wade/swim in the Niantic River and to go out for pizza in downtown Niantic.

We went for a drive and ended up at the store.
Please know three things:

  • My children only use CLEAN, NEVER-BEFORE-USED plungers as props.
  • We do NOT let my son plunge his little sister's head.
  • No plungers were damaged during the taking of these photos

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  1. Hee. Cute post. My parents visited Sturbridge Village on their honeymoon– the buying of a little cookbook while there is a favorite family story, and we still use cookie recipes from it. I've always wanted to visit. See you around. Kathleen

  2. I haven't been to OSV in ages! I hear it's much better than Plymouth Plantation, too! I'm glad you're enjoying the summer and reading for pleasure!

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    2. I haven't been to Plymouth Plantation in about 20 years! I'd love to go again. I like that the employees are all portraying actual people from history. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love the title Saturday Night Sum Up! Perfect! Looks like a wonderful beach trip. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend!
    Team J's Second Grade Fun