Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bob Ross, Bison, and Beaches

You're wondering how Bob Ross, bison, and beaches go together. I know you are. They're not related at all, unless you put them under the heading "What We've Been Doing With Our Time This Summer". 

Bob Ross
My husband bought a Roku box, and one of the free channels you can watch is The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross! Anyone besides me watch that as a kid? 

My children and I have already watched 3 episodes.  My son thought we should start a notebook where we make tallies every time Bob Ross says "happy little" (trees, clouds) or "Let's have some fun!"

How does all this relate to teaching? It doesn't really. But remember...

In a town next door to ours is a bison farm. The kids and I went yesterday on a "Bison Adventure". We had bison burgers for lunch and then went on a wagon ride to see the bison in the field. 

We've had our first beach day! I'm so thankful to live near the ocean.

What have you been doing this summer?


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