Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Math Facts Matter Freebie

Fluency with math facts matters! I've compiled a few fun ways to practice and thought I'd share some freebies.

Cute Cards
I purchased a bunch of cards at the dollar store, and my kids love to pull them out. I'm always on the look out for new cards. Just switching out the options keeps kids interested.

This game is simple: Flip, Multiply, & Compare. The students simply flip two cards to create expressions. Then, the kids compare their answers. 

Grab the freebie sheet I created by clicking here. Also included is a Flip, ADD, & Compare sheet. I use it at the beginning of the school year to review addition facts.

Does a student need more challenge? Grab some lined paper. Have the student flip three cards to multiply.

Use puzzles
My friend/colleague has puzzles that she uses as practice. They're pretty self-explanatory and very motivating!

Pull out the Paint Dotters

I've created sheets to practice 3x through 9x. Students will need one die with 0-9. Each student has a different paint dotter. They take turns rolling, multiplying, and dotting. Once the paper is full, they count to see who dotted the most. Grab the sheets I created by clicking here. (If the thought of paint dotters makes you cringe, the directions also say that students may color each circle. You're welcome!)

Vary the Task
I created "Make Them True" strips a couple of years ago. They don't LOOK fun. Not at all. My students LOVE them, though! Just changing up the practice task keeps students engaged. To add more interest, use seasonal objects. In the photo below, I used foam shamrock stickers and wrote >, <, and = on them.

I've created two Make Them True products which include the expressions strips along with several sheets that can be used for practice, intervention, formative assessment, or homework. Click on the product names below to find them. The strips are easiest to use if you just print them out and stick them is page protectors or dry erase pockets.

Make Them True: Using All Four Operations

Make Them True: Using Addition, Subtraction, & Multiplication


Students get a small tub of play-dough and a bunch of sticks with facts. They need to figure out the products and then order the facts from least to greatest

I hope some of these ideas come in handy! Happy facts practice. 

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