Thursday, April 14, 2016

End of Year Kindness Refresher Course

There are 35 school days left, and my students have been needing some kindness reminders. Some days, they work together like champs. On other days-not so much! 

I've decided to do kindness refresher course after our spring vacation. 

I'd thought I'd share a few ideas in case your students need a refresher as well! 

A Wave of Kindness: Ride the Wave!

This video was shared with our staff by the fourth grade team at my school, and I can't wait to play it for my students. 


Kind and Generous by Natalie Merchant
I've been thinking for a long while about sharing this song with my students. If you haven't heard it, check it out! 

True Colors (Phil Collins version)
I've loved this song since Cyndi Lauper crooned it in the eighties! (I was in high school.) I like the Phil Collins version better for the classroom, because it's easier to sing along to!

We'll be doing close reads of the songs. We'll annotate and make notes about new vocabulary. And, of course, we'll sing along! I have both songs on my Spotify playlist.


I created these mini-stories based on friendship issues that occurred in my classroom a few years ago. I'm pretty sure it was right around this time of year, too! I often use these at the beginning of the year, but they'll work anytime. Click here to grab them from my store.

While searching for ideas at Teachers Pay Teachers, I came across this gem created by Student Savvy!

These cards go into a jar. Students can read the task cards during free time or whenever you prompt them to do so!

For some other kindness books and ideas, check out this post as well as this post about building classroom community.

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