Friday, March 11, 2016

Springing Into Learning: Almost Effortless Review Freebie!

March has arrived, which means spring will officially be here before you know it. Several bloggers have joined together to offer tips and freebies just perfect for spring. Many thanks to Kim at Elementary Antics for her hard work in putting together this blog hop!

Spring means new growth and warmer temperatures. My first tip is to get outside if at all possible. In Connecticut where I live, March isn't always warm enough for that!

Last spring I took students outside to measure and draw square yards and square meters.

For many of us, spring also means that thinking seriously about test prep is starting to become a priority. It can be overwhelming at times to figure out how to fit all the content in! 

My tip is to sneak in moments of review whenever you can! And it's possible to make review engaging and fun. 

 I place little cards on students' desks.(They're laminated, so I can use them again and again!)

When it's time to line up or when it's time to pack up at the end of the day, I can give directions such as the following:

"If you have a card with a parallelogram, please line up."

"If you have a polygon with one set of parallel lines, please line up."

"If you have the product of 8x3 (or 6x4...or 2x12), please line up."

You could also use these cards as part of your brain breaks. The directions might sound like this:

"If you have a shape divided into thirds on your desk, stand up and wiggle for ten seconds."

"If you have the product of 4 x 4, hop on one foot 5 times."

This is a quick, easy way to review math concepts and vocabulary. An added perk is that it also aids in classroom management. 

My freebie was created just for this blog hop. You can download the sets of cards I'm using by clicking here or on the image below.  

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Spring! Visit the other participating blogs to find more tips and more freebies! 

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  1. Love this idea! Such a quick fun way to review math concepts. :)