Sunday, January 31, 2016

Severe Weather Projects

Collaborative research engages kids every time! I've been greatly enjoying myself during our science block. The students are working in small groups to research types of severe weather. They are so engaged that I feel rather irrelevant! That's really how it should be. I can circulate, prompt, and support instead of constantly talking. 

This particular photo was taken on a class reward day:  Pajama-Stuffed-Animal-Crazy-Hair-Hat Day!
Students chose which type of storm they wanted to research. We have tons of books, which is always nice! I also pulled some articles from  The students have been taking notes and have started creating posters to present to the class. Their topic choices were hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, thunder & lightning storms, or blizzards.

Before students started their research, I put up a passage about dust storms on the Smartboard (from of course) and modeled taking notes. 

I created this model of a final poster to give them an idea of what I was looking for. Students "turned and talked" about what made the poster successful. Using their observations, we made a list of criteria for grading the posters. 

We also made a list of presentation tips. As I shared my poster, I modeled making eye contact with the audience, speaking clearly at an appropriate volume, not rushing, and not being silly. 

The students have had so much fun doing their research and assembling their posters. I've enjoyed being able to circulate around and see which students took the lead. Sometimes, leadership qualities will show up where you least expect them!

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