Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Flash Freebie: Get it now!

I've just revised one of my most useful products, and I'm sharing it as a flash freebie! Click here or on the image below to grab it. It will be FREE tonight and tomorrow, January 7th. Enjoy!

Make Them True: Math Equations and Inequalities using Addition, Subtraction, & Multiplication.
(The title only sounds scary. I promise.)

Third graders tend to get very confused when they see two math expressions joined together in a new and unfamiliar way! The problem could be as simple as this:
9 = 5 + 4.

They panic! Why is the 9 first? They wonder. They look at you with huge eyes and seem to be accusing you of serious meanness! How on Earth could you expect them to understand such a thing?

Now, what if they see a problem like this?

45 + 5 = ___ x 10

ACK! Forget about it!  Most third-graders react with nerves and sometimes tears at first, but they can learn that it isn't that terrifying if they practice. 

That's why I created these materials. Whenever I've used these with students, the response was positive. They thought it was fun, simply because the format was different. Students practiced math facts and reviewed skills as they developed a more solid understanding of equations and inequalities.

You can make prep very easy by simply slipping the pages into dry erase pockets. No laminating! There are symbol cards if you choose to use them. 

Another fun way to get students engaged is by using interesting or seasonal materials. In this photo (taken in the fall), I'm having students use buttons with equals signs. They're using candy corn for greater than and less than symbols. (I need to confess here that Amy Lemons was the genius who thought of using candy corn. I just stole her idea and modified it to work with third grade skills.) I was thinking that foam mitten shapes with < or > might work. I need to peruse the shelves of the dollar store to see what I can find!

Enjoy your flash freebie! A similar product is for sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Click here or on the image below to find it.

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  1. Thanks for joining the blog hop! This is an awesome giveaway. I'm leaving feedback on your product now!

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