Saturday, January 30, 2016

Five for Friday

Last week I completely missed Five for Friday! This week, I started my post on Sunday afternoon and added to it throughout the week.  Thank you to Kacey at Doodlebugs Teaching for hosting this linky each week. 

It snowed over the weekend! Sometimes I'm sick of Connecticut. Last winter we had SO MUCH snow. But when the first significant snowfall happens, I'm happy to live in the Northeast again! The kids and I played outside and made some extremely pathetic snowmen. They were NOT our best.

Here are some scrapbook pages with photos of past snowpeople so you know we are capable of doing better!


The 3rd graders at our school worked on NWEA Map Testing this week. I created this little form for students to record their scores. Last year they were really motivated to see their own growth. 

I wrote their scores from the fall on the sheets and placed the sheets into the "Super Duper Top Secret Numbers" folder. I passed the sheets out upside down while students tested. When they finished, they wrote their scores in the winter column.

The children have been working in collaborative groups to research severe weather and prepare informational posters. My class earned a reward by filling the button jar in our classroom. So, on Tuesday we had Pajama-Stuffed-Animal-Crazy-Hair-Hat Day! You can see pictures of them taking notes in their jammies with their fluffy friends nearby.

Apparently, one of my students found answer B for this review problem hilarious! His score on the test? 100! 

I signed up to be part of a class Valentine exchange at PAWSitively Teaching. My class made their valentines and we wrote a class letter with facts about our state. It will be so much fun to get valentines and letters back from other classes. 

Have a wonderful week!



  1. Hi Jan! I love your Pajama-Stuffed-Animal-Crazy-Hair-Hat Day!! We are currently working towards a hot chocolate party and we are sooo close. I'm excited for them get there. We will keep our fingers crossed for the rest of our winter to be mild!

  2. Pajama-Stuffed-Animal-Crazy-Hair-Hat Day is Awesome. I love it!!!!

    Wild About Fifth