Saturday, January 9, 2016

Five for Friday

First week back from vacation...completed! Three students commented that they thought the week went by really fast. I took that as a compliment. I'm linking up with Kacey (a day late) for Five for Friday. Visit Kacey's blog, Doodlebugs Teaching, to find out what other teachers' did to keep busy during the week. 

I'm backing up a bit to Christmas Day. It was 65 degrees outside, which is NOT typical Christmas weather for Connecticut. The kids were playing outside without coats. Yes, that is a rubber chicken. Seth requested one for Christmas and generously shared it with his sister. 

After Christmas, winter weather suddenly arrived. On Monday, our first day back from winter break, it was snowing. My students actually managed to stay pretty focused despite the flurries. I tried to take a photo from my classroom window, but it's almost impossible to see the flakes! On Tuesday, we actually stayed inside for recess because it was cold and there was a wind chill. 

These are more photos from December. I shared in a previous post about how I used Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Sleeping Ugly with my class to compare similar themes. Today I'm sharing a couple of activities we did. I drew a picture of Rudolph and a picture of "Plain Jane". On the sheets, the kids needed to write specific text evidence from the stories to support the theme that you should not judge by outward appearances. I actually adapted this idea from a fabulous Rudolph freebie in  Lovin Lit's store. It was EXCELLENT, but I wanted my Rudolph and my Plain Jane to be sized similarly, so I didn't use hers. My students also completed "theme sorts" in their reading notebooks. They had 4 themes and a set of book covers. The titles were all books we had read and discussed during our theme unit. The students needed to match the titles with the correct themes. This was sort of an adapted version of my theme wall, which I shared here

On Monday, I set up stations with various objects to get kids exploring the concept of multiplying one-digit numbers by multiples of ten. They rotated around the room in small groups modeling equations with the materials and then solving the problems on dry erase boards. Next week, we'll be using this product I created for review and practice. 

It's a freebie! Grab it by clicking here or on the image.

 Colder weather equals more cuddly cats! Herbie loves to snuggle with the kids. Sunshine isn't really a cuddler but always jumps up on the arm of the couch next to me. Here he is stretching his paw out onto my lap. 

I hope you had a fabulous week. Happy Saturday!

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  1. Jan,
    I love that you use hands on methods even though you teach older kiddos. All students need practice with manipulatives!
    Storybook Endings in Second