Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Writing Christmas-y Multiplication Problems

There are six days until my Christmas break! I know some of you will be off all of next week, but my district goes until Wednesday. I'm bound and determined to keep things as normal as possible, but I'm throwing in some holiday-themed materials to keep my students engaged.

My son and I went on a local store hunt to purchase Christmas objects. I set the materials up in stations. Students rotated around the room with lined paper and clipboards writing multiplication story problems for each set of objects.

Here are the materials I used.
 Seven cups with two straws in each

Three packages of plates with eight plates in each package
Seven stapled sets of "ugly sweater" papers with three papers in each set... Some students were literal and called them sweater papers. Others said there were seven people, and each person owned three sweaters. Cute!

Four packages of bows with nine bows in each package

 Two trays with six "cookies" on each

Five Christmas gift bags with four Christmas pencils in each bag

This activity was a huge success. The students were so motivated. I circulated around the room with my Christmas stickers checking work in progress and providing feedback. This will definitely be a go-to activity every December for me.

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