Saturday, December 5, 2015

Five for Friday

Happy weekend, everyone! I'm popping in (on Saturday) for a quick Five for Friday. We're heading off to a gingerbread house party today. Visit Doodlebugs Teaching for more Five for Friday posts. It's always fun to see what other teachers are up to.

On Tuesday evening Seth went with me to scour the shelves of a few stores for Christmasy items. I was looking for items that I could set out in stations. The plan was that students would circulate around and write multiplication story problems for each set of items. I'll be doing a thorough blog post about what we did soon! Of course, Seth had to try on a funky Santa hat.

 7 cups with two straws in each... Three packages of plates with 8 plates in each package... I was able to come up with 8 different stations. The kids really enjoyed writing their story problems. I didn't hear a single murmur of complaint. They were thrilled! It makes teaching so much more fun when you engage students. It would have been painful to get some of them to write story problems if I had passed out a worksheet.

 I pulled out one of my favorite cursive-practice tricks this week: colored chalk and dark construction paper!
Some kids don't like the way it feels to write with the chalk. Some alternatives are colorful ball point pens, felt tip pens, and gel pens. 

We finished up our narratives told from the turkeys' point of view. The turkey was a group effort. During one rainy-day indoor recess, any student who wanted to could make a feather.


In reading, we've started working on theme. I used some mini-stories to introduce theme. Then we delved into some real literature. Have you ever read Pudding Like a Night on the Sea? It's the first story in the book The Stories Julian Tells by Ann Cameron. It's probably my favorite story of all time. Do yourself a huge favor and get the book if you don't already own it. Almost every student in my class, even the ones who usually avoid chapter books, wanted to read the rest of the stories independently.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Love the reminder about writing on dark paper. Just what I need this week! Thanks for posting. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  2. Hi Jan! I love your turkey bulletin board! My teacher friend down the hall made turkey feathers out of old ties for her bulletin board this year. It was really cute! I like your cursive writing with colored chalk. It's amazing what a little color and thinking outside of the box will do to engage your students!