Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Reflections

It's time for a look back at 2015. Kristen from A Teeny Tiny Teacher, Traci from Dragonflies in First, and Hadar from Miss Kindergarten are hosting their annual linky. I haven't really followed the rules. I decided to look at them more as suggestions, since I couldn't pick 10 favorite memories. 


Getting Herbie was certainly a highlight! He was so tiny when we took him home from the shelter. Now, he's sleek and sassy and loves to cuddle up with Sunshine. The kids can hold him and carry him around the house, and he's perfectly agreeable about it all. 
My Dad and me... 1976 perhaps?
Dad, Mom, and me... 1971
Dad with Gabrielle... Early 2009

Dad with Seth... December 2011
My Dad passed away in February. We miss him, but there are lots of memories that make us smile. 

On Valentine's Day morning, my husband and I slept in a bit. We woke to the sound of children hysterically laughing in the kitchen. They had found the whoopie cushions that I'd left for them and were trying them out before breakfast. 

On Seth's 12th birthday, we went camping with my friend and her girls. The first day was perfect! The next day it rained buckets and the campsite flooded. We ended up going home to sleep in our beds that night! The next day, we came back to take down the tents and then headed for the beach. More photos and fun details about our camping trip can be found here.

Happy New Year! Thanks for visiting!

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