Sunday, November 8, 2015

Shout Out for Shot Glasses

Please don't be appalled. It's not what you think! Believe it or not, I've actually never used a shot glass for its intended purpose. I have, however, found some handy uses for plastic shot cups in my classroom. Of course, we refer to them as tiny cups!

Do you ever plan activities that require tiny pieces? When I set up Place Value Bullseye, I put the googly eyes into shot miniature cups.  Each student had his or her own.  

A math facts activity my students do a lot is Addition Roll, Add, and Compare. I have lots of different types of dice, and I wanted to be sure students grabbed the correct ones. So, I set up dice cups. [More about my dice stash here.] It saved time and confusion, and the kids thought it was just terrific. Third graders are very easy to please!  If you wanted to, you could put different dice into different cups to differentiate. 

Another idea I plan to try came from Miss Cosby from You Might Be a First Grader. Students practice spelling words using miniature cups with letters on them. Vowels get written on one color, and consonants get written on the other color.

What types of unusual supplies do you use to keep your students organized and engaged? I'd love to read your ideas in the comments. 

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