Sunday, November 1, 2015


I made it! On the first day of the month! Farley's Currently linking is one of my favorites, but I'm usually late to the party.  Head over to Farley's blog, Oh' Boy 4th Grade, to join in the fun.  

We have two cats, Sunshine and Herbie. I'm Sunshine's favorite, and I think he's a big sweetie.  Herbie, the kitten, LOVES the kids.  They're always talking to him and holding him, and they're his favorite people to cuddle with. The cats also really like each other. (Most of the time.)

My bag of work has been sitting in the same spot since Friday night. Now it's Sunday, and even with the extra hour, it's still kind of late to be starting it.  I'll need to prioritize and do some tomorrow night as well, I guess. 

I've been rereading the Anne of Green Gables series. They're just fun. I'd much rather read than work.

I love that we have dry leaves blowing about that make that great crunching noise when you step on them. I love the cooler weather. The only drawback is that winter follows fall and will be here sooner than I'd like!  

Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, is coming up. My husband can make really yummy homemade cranberry sauce.  I could just eat it plain in a bowl, but alongside turkey is good too.

Have a great week.  Head over to Farley's blog for more November Currently.



  1. I was thinking the same thing when I did my Currently post today! For the last two months, I haven't even posted because I thought it was just too late. Shame on me! Anyway, we posted today and that's all that matters, right?!
    Your cats and your kiddos are adorable! Kids and their pets are so fun. We got a puppy over the summer, and while she can be annoying, my kids love her so much and it brings them such happiness. I guess I can overlook that she chewed up my Macbook charger and severed the cord to my's all about the kids, right?!!! :/ LOL.
    Well, I hope your hubby makes you that cranberry sauce! Enjoy your November!
    Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments
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  2. Girl, you crack me about about your bag o'work! Seriously! Next time don't even bring that bag o'work home with you! What grade do you teach? The last grade that I taught was 3rd grade. Hope you have a fantastic week!
    Southern Fried Teachin’

  3. I don't even take my big bags of work home anymore because I never do them! I had big plans to finish my report cards this weekend....but I haven't even looked at them. (I have until Tuesday night and all day Tuesday off to work on them so....) :) I would much rather curl up and read for fun than work hours I am not being paid for!