Saturday, October 17, 2015

FREEBIE Five for Friday

It's Saturday, it's colder than it's been yet in the Northeast, and my furnace needs fixing! Arghh.  My husband is currently taking care of it, because he ROCKS.  I'm wearing two sweaters and have the electric fireplace running.  I think I'll simmer some soup. That will warm up the kitchen! Before I do that, though, I'm linking up with Kacey at Doodlebugs Teaching for Five for Friday. 

We've been working on making and confirming predictions and on making inferences in reading. Something I like to do each year is have students apply these skills by reading mysteries in small groups. I'm using Amy Lemons's Mystery Mini-Unit.  It can be used with any mystery book. I usually add an extra clue page and an extra suspect page to the booklet.  Each of my students received his or her own case file envelope which contained a mystery, a new pencil, and a case file notebook.  My students were so adorable when they opened their envelopes for the first time.  Seriously adorable. Check out Amy's blog to read about how she does her mystery book groups. My students have been reading, discussing, and recording their thinking on post-it notes.  They jot down suspects, clues, questions they have while reading, and new or tricky vocabulary words. When I meet with them, we do some reading and discuss the students' notes.  I also incorporated some nonfiction passages from to build the children's background knowledge.

This week I incorporated some autumn-themed activities into my centers. I pulled out materials from my Apple Season Math and Literacy Activities: syllable sorting cards and a subject/predicate center.  I also used candy corn in a guided review center. As I've done frequently in the past, I borrowed and adapted a great idea by Amy Lemons. (Doesn't that name sound familiar?)  She shared on her blog that she used pieces of candy corn as greater than/less than symbols. I adapted her idea by creating equations for students to compare. I gave them buttons with equal signs to use as well. You can grab a free copy of the sheet I used by clicking here

Last weekend, we went on a little foliage drive. We ended up in Massachusetts at a mountain popular for skiing. My husband, Seth, and I would've gone on the Sky Ride, but Gabrielle looked absolutely terrified at the thought. Her little hands got clammy and cold! So, we skipped it and drove up to the summit.  To those of you who live in states with FOR REAL mountains, a summit of 2,006 feet probably doesn't sound very impressive at all!

We've been working on rounding in math.  I always begin by having students skip count with me by tens and hundreds. This shows them that numbers in the hundreds and even thousands can still be multiples of ten. That kind of frazzles their third-grade minds at first!  We always use number lines to round. 

Better with parsley 

Herbie and Sunshine sharing the chair

Tough cats can sleep on pink!

He's using me for warmth. I know it.

Fall is gorgeous and a little bit chilly here in Connecticut.  The cats have been getting cuddlier, probably because they are cold.  Also, I made pumpkin soup because it's a fallish kind of food to eat. Those two bits of news don't relate particularly well, but I wanted to share them both and was already on number five!  So, please just humor me!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a good week. 

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