Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Exact Answer or Estimate FREEBIE

My third graders have been working and working and working on rounding!  Finally, I think they've got it! Once students actually seemed to have a solid grasp of the concept, we started applying our rounding skills to estimating.  

First, I modeled some problems and had the students practice using resources from one of my products: Rounding and Estimating Practice

Next, we sorted some story problems.  Some problems asked students to estimate. Some required students to find the exact answer.  

I used this as a guided practice activity so I could be sure students knew exactly how I wanted them to show their work.  These problems all had clue words.  I don't teach students to rely heavily on clue words, however.  I make a point of teaching them other strategies such as visualizing and drawing part-part-whole diagrams.  

If you'd like to grab this freebie, you can get it in my store by clicking here.  

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