Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tomato Festival!

Our town holds a Tomato Festival each year. Yes. A tomato festival. It's small, mostly free, and a lot of fun.  Local restaurants sell food. There are goats and chickens. This year there was a parade and a corn shucking contest. There was also a tomato hat contest. My kids made hats, but were not bold enough to enter the hat contest. They would have had to parade around the park with their hats on. 

The horses were gussied up for the parade. They even had red glitter on their hooves.  

The kids really enjoyed decorating their own tomatoes. Apparently, Gabrielle was trying to create an alien. 

Our family loves it's little traditions. We'll be heading to the apple orchard soon and to a corn maze.  What fun activities to you enjoy each year?  

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