Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Teacher Week 2015: Classroom Tour

My classroom is my second-favorite place to be. Home, of course, is number one. My classroom is vibrant and busy when the students are there, and I love that. I also love the feeling of sitting quietly at my desk with music playing while I organize, prepare materials, and write lesson plans.  Over the years, I've learned to be more organized.  The days of gravity-defying piles are (almost) over!  I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week to share a photo tour of my classroom. (Warning: There might be a few smallish piles.)

Above is the view from the door.  I like desks. I know many teachers prefer tables, but I like each student to have his or her own personal space. That's probably because I like my own personal space. Usually, my third graders are quite thrilled to have a desk.  

This is the view from my rug area.  I'm fortunate to have a nicely-sized classroom. 

Here's my desk. I don't plan to ever go deskless.  As I said, I like my own personal space.  I do welcome students into my space for hugs, question-asking, one-to-one assistance, and chats.  

Next to my desk are these daily files and a set of drawers.  Each daily file folder is dated, and I place that day's materials into the folder. The set of drawers keeps the rest of my copies handy. In the classroom, I've learned to live by the proverb a place for everything and everything in its place!  (It doesn't always carry over to home!)

These are two different views of my carpet area.  The carpet is where we gather for many whole group lessons and read-alouds. Sometimes I work with small groups on the carpet. Collaborative groups, partners, and individual students use it as a workspace or reading space.  It's kind of an all-purpose area!

The horseshoe-shaped table is new to my room, and I'm SO THRILLED.  For the past few summers, I've asked the custodian if there might be a table like this up for grabs. The answer was always, "No." Then, right before school started, it was brought to my room. It's been SO nice to have plenty of room to meet with small groups instead of being squished in around an old, round table.  

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  1. Your classroom looks great even when students are not there. I can only imagine how vibrant it becomes during classes. I see that everything is in its right place and I haven't seen examples of teachers loving their work as you do for a long time already. Unfortunately, many of us are bored at work and wait for the end of the class, just like students do. But it's obviusly not your case.