Friday, September 25, 2015

Five for Friday

I had such a great week with my students! We've FINALLY hit our stride! Thank goodness!  It was so nice to have a thoroughly enjoyable week. My students are starting to be much more responsible, and they're becoming a class family. I'm loving it!  I'm celebrating Friday by linking up with Kacey at Doodlebugs Teaching

At the dinner table one night, we were talking about the word insulted. Seth had shared how a student called him a nerd once, and he replied, "Thank you!"  The surprised student had intended to insult Seth, but Seth turned it around on him. This led to a discussion about the word, which Gabrielle at first pronounced as "insalted".  We decided that a "new words" notebook might be fun. Gabrielle's first entry was the word insulted!

This week we've been reviewing narrative, expository, and persuasive writing. In my classroom, I have many narrative and expository books to show the students. I'm somewhat lacking in persuasive resources.  To remedy this I created a pet adoption poster, took some text from and wrote it out by hand in magenta felt tip to make it look more appealing, and asked my son to write a persuasive piece about why cats make good pets.  I also displayed an article about why people should build bat houses on the Smartboard.  The students were SO excited to read something written by my son!  Speaking of my son, how do you like his new glasses? He picked them out himself and later joked that we should get some white tape to wrap around the nose bridge!


My students read and reread Nate The Great: San Francisco Detective this week. In the story, Nate's cousin Olivia Sharp always wears a pink boa. Some of the children had no idea what that was. Then inspiration struck!  I remembered that I had boas in my drawer that I had used on a bulletin board, so I pulled one out and draped it around my neck. The students started to notice and smile. I let students who were doing an excellent job reading and discussing after each chapter take turns wearing the boas. Unfortunately, the boas were shedding feathers all over the room!  

One of the problem-solving strategies I teach is making an organized list.  The kids usually have fun with it once they get the hang of it, but it can be confusing at first.  I decided to spice up my lessons.  First, I had students come to the front of the room and don long, flowing, fake hair. I hung nametags around their necks and had them act out the first organized list problem.

After that, I gave partners a new problem and clip art created by Educlips. They manipulated the pieces to solve another organized list problem. 

The problems I used came from Make An Organized List Practice for the Entire School Year. There are 45 different problems.  Some are seasonal, but most work for any time of year. Click here or on the image below to see them in my store. 

We're about to wrap up our unit on trees in science.  I created this sort for students to glue into their science notebooks.  There are statements and pictures that are either associated with deciduous trees or evergreen trees. I'm using this as an assessment. The students worked hard and were engaged the entire time. One student (who normally is not a big fan of school) told me that science is his favorite part of the day. That made me smile. 

Have a great weekend! Thanks for visiting. 


  1. Lol about the boas shedding all over the least you know they'll never forget about them! Love reading about your activities.

    1. They were everywhere! It was funny, but the students kept picking them up and blowing on them!

  2. Man, wish I had a teacher like you growing up! School wouldn't have been so bad. Haha! You have so many awesome ideas, too many for me to remember them all, and my girls aren't old enough for this stuff yet. Thankfully it's all in the blog for me to look back on. :)

    1. What a kind thing to say. Thank you, friend! Your girls already love learning, and that's because of you!

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