Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Bullseye!  Two fabulous and creative teachers inspired my latest math center activity: Place Value Bullseye!

Rachelle from What The Teacher Wants shared a great place value game on her blog.  It provides practice with tens and ones, and Rachelle has a freebie that she's shared with her readers.  

Amy Lemons, another amazing and talented teacher, adapted the game to practice ones, tens, and hundreds with her second graders. She also added eyeballs for the "eye" part of bullseye!  Brilliant! Click here to read her blog post about it.

So, I did what all teachers do! I stole adapted their ideas to address 3rd grade place value concepts.  I created my own differentiated recording sheets and targets.  I purchased tiny cups from the dollar store and googly eyes.  The kids love the activity and have been happily practicing expanded and written form with larger numbers. I've created a thousands bullseye and a ten-thousands bullseye. Both targets have corresponding recording sheets. 

Feel free to grab the materials I created. Click here to get them.

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