Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Bulletin Board That the Students Made

In the hall outside my classroom are two bulletin boards that look like THIS. And I don't have to do anything else to get them ready for the first day of school! 

Last minute scrambling in August to do back-to-school hallway bulletin boards is not something I enjoy. Last year, the results were rather underwhelming.  So I wanted to remedy that. I found this cool image on Pinterest and thought we'd try something similar. Click here or on the image to go to the original pin.

Now, I realize our boards don't look anything like this one! They're definitely unique. The students created the background, fish, and bubbles on these. Here's how they did it.  (With a little guidance and help from adults.)

At the end of last year, my colleague and I had the students spray pieces of paper with watered down blue paint to create background paper.  I had planned to let them use watercolors, but my colleague suggested this. It was WAY more fun, much less expensive, and we got to head outside!  The kids who weren't taking a turn spraying played outdoor games.  

The next day, students shaded over the dry background papers with peeled blue crayons to cover any white spaces. These became our background.  One of our wonderful paras, who was a bit bored the last week of school, hung everything up for us. I didn't staple a single thing to those boards. 

My model... Colored by a student.
I modeled creating a fish with simple lines and tracing over them with black marker.  The kids then created their own fish (and other assorted sea creatures).

Our up-and-coming third graders visited the third grade rooms last year to get a sneak peek of where they would be learning.  We had each of them write his or her name on a bubble (round piece of paper).  Those bubbles then got added to the board.  We used class lists to double-check that we had every single child's name.

The title was last and was attached to a corkboard strip next to the boards.  

Hallway bulletin boards? Done! Now I just need to finish up in my classroom!

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