Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Scoop

I have 3 weeks of summer left!  That means it's really time to rev up the classroom preparations and start planning lessons.  I know some of you have already been back to school for a week or two, so you're in the thick of it already.

Last time I did a Sunday Scoop post, I actually had trouble coming up with "Must Dos".  [Those of you reading this who are not teachers... Don't hate me!] Today, I had NO difficulty coming up with must-dos.  The only difficulty was deciding which three to include on the list!

When August arrived, I figured I better start reading Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids.  Last year I read some blog posts about it and incorporated the rules with great success.  This year, I want to do a lot more.  The book is absorbing.

I have some blog posts planned that need to get prepped and posted.  

I've been living in shorts, denim capris, tee-shirts, and flip-flops.  I can't recall exactly what clothing I have for work! I need to inventory and perhaps shop.  I don't LIKE to shop. 

My Amazon cart is very, very, very full.  Last year, I had a weird schedule with little time to teach grammar.  We've been able to tweak the schedule this year so that I have a real, actual grammar block. I'm going to incorporate Mentor Sentences and have some of the mentor texts in my cart.  I also want to buy some new back-to-school titles.  Did I mention the cart was very, very, very full? And expensive?  I may need to pare it down some.  

My friend invited us to go camping at a campground near the beach.  The reservations have been made, but we need a few things.  I need an air mattress!  And batteries for the battery-operated fan. For me, camping does NOT equal "roughing it".

Finally, Teachers Pay Teachers is having a sale starting TOMORROW! My entire store (including already discounted bundles) will be 20% off.  To get an additional 10% off of my reduced prices, enter code BTS15.

Thank you Tales From a Very Busy Teacher for the lovely banner!

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  1. I have seen that whole brain teaching book floating around it is on my Amazon wish list. I go back to school next week, but I am thinking it would be a good read for winter break.

    Thank you!
    Fit to be Fourth