Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sethisms (Not Your Typical Figurative Language)

"Should we...uh...Kick the old horse?"   "Ready to shoot the gun?" 

You're probably wondering what in the world I'm talking about.  Well, those were my son's attempts at using figurative language yesterday.  He thought that they meant get going.  

My reaction was, "Huh?"  

My daughter has said a few hilarious things, as well. Once as we were driving through a rain shower she exclaimed, "It's raining astronauts out there!"

And I have one more.  When I was student teaching, I passed a red-faced sweaty kindergartner in the hallway.  He fanned himself with his hand, sighed dramatically, and emphatically stated, "Phew! I'm hottin' like a pig!" 

You MUST have some failed attempts at figurative language to share.  Please do!  Leave a comment. 

Teaching figurative language in the classroom is always fun.  Here's an idea I spotted on Pinterest for reinforcing onomatopoeia.  Click here to read the blog post about it.  

For a free lesson and materials that introduce how similes and metaphors are used in poetry click here to visit  

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