Monday, August 31, 2015

My Moderately Mishmashed Classroom Library

My classroom library is a work in progress. It works for me and for my students, but it is (as my blog post title indicates) moderately mishmashed.  That being said, I'll explain in more detail. 

I do have leveled books. I never mention that the books are leveled.  My leveled books are color-coded, and I've been collecting them since I started teaching in a regular classroom 14 years ago. Back then, I told students they had to pick "red dot" books or "green dot" books to read.  Now, I teach them HOW to choose appropriate books and let them shop for books for their book bags once a week. I do like having some leveled books. Students will tend to gravitate toward a color that they know is right for them without me saying a word. Sometimes, I'll notice students choosing books that are WAY too easy. I might ask them to try a few "green dot" books, because I know those will be more challenging.  

I also have several baskets and bins of books organized by author, series, or genre.  Following are photos of some of them! (On my idea list is a basket full of cookbooks. Good or bad idea? What do you think?)

I also have a spinning rack of chapter books. I put out somewhat easier selections in August then gradually add more challenging titles.  Next to my rack is a basket that says, "Help, please! Where does this book go?"  This prevents students from just sticking a book anywhere if they don't know where it belongs.  I encourage students to ask me or their classmates before using the basket. You can grab the free label by heading to this blog post

This is the shelf that I use for seasonal books and books related to topics that we're studying in science or social studies.  These books are switched out regularly. 

My books are located around the carpet area, which serves as a multipurpose space for whole group lessons, read alouds, working in small groups, and reading. I don't have a specific library area.  The students are encouraged to choose a good spot, get comfy, and read.  Some prefer their desks. Some prefer the floor!

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