Monday, August 3, 2015

Meet My Little Guinea Pigs

Meet my little guinea pigs personal product testers, my daughter Gabrielle and my son Seth.  

Seth tried out some differentiated story problem task cards. They were too easy for him, since I created them for 3rd grade, but he kindly helped me out anyway!
Since Gabrielle just finished first grade, I thought I'd have her give some first grade materials a test run.  I've finished updating my Emergency Substitute Plans for Grade 1 Bundle.  Here are a few photos of Gabrielle's work and of Gabrielle trying out some of the materials.  She was mostly enthusiastic. (Mostly.)
This is from one of the sets of writing plans.  There are lesson plans, two pictures for the substitute to use when modeling, several picture pages for students to use,and simple stationary so students can use the words they brainstormed in sentences.
This is a challenge page that goes along with one of the sets of spelling plans. The spelling words are one-syllable with the rimes ink, ill, and ish. 
The hundreds chart fill-in page is part of one set of math plans. My daughter is highlighting the directions.  I can't take credit for teaching her that. It was all her first grade teacher!
Here Gabrielle is trying to do a little doubles fact solve-the-room, but Herbie is interfering.  A moment after this photo was taken, he started to chew the pencil eraser.  Gabrielle was forced to stand up to write her answer.  
Doubles fact solve-the-room!
Once Gabrielle read the passage about creating worm bins, she asked if  we could make one. I'm thinking that's a big NO.  I appreciate worms but don't actually want them in my house! They're perfectly happy under the leaves in the yard. 
It's August already, so I need to get into my classroom and start making sure my sub tub is totally ready to go.  I pulled things from it occasionally throughout the year to help substitutes who were working in other classes. Here are some photos of my sub tub.  You can see more photos and read more about it here. You can grab the free label by clicking here.

In my store, I have plans for first, second, and third grades. The plans are sold individually or in discounted bundles.  My entire store (including the already discounted bundles) are on sale for 20% off TODAY and TOMORROW.  Teachers Pay Teachers will give you an additional 10% off if you enter the code BTS15 at checkout.  

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