Monday, August 31, 2015

5 Fun Facts

Tonight, I'm breaking basic blogging rules. I think there's an unwritten rule that you should NOT write two blog posts in a day. (It may actually be a rule that's written somewhere.) Also, you aren't supposed to rely on linky parties for blog post inspiration. Well, I'm breaking both of those rules.  I've been waiting for Blog Hoppin' Week, and I don't want to be left out! So, here's my second blog post of the evening. I'm sharing five fun things about me.

I'm a sucker for musicals, but I've only seen two on the stage. I saw a version of Fiddler on the Roof while on a fourth grade field trip.  I saw Phantom of the Opera.  Although I'm only about a 3-hour drive from New York City, I've never seen a show in NYC. Sad, I know. Mostly, I'm a homebody so I watch the videos.  I've also been know to listen to the songs in my car while singing along loudly! 

This is my wonderful family. It's rare for us to have a photo taken together. These are my favorite people in the world to spend time with. My son, Seth, is 12. Gabrielle is 6.  They're a blessing!

We're a two-cat family. Herbie is still a rambunctious kitten. Sunshine's huge, fluffy, and totally sweet.  We do like dogs, but we'd want a German Shepherd. Our yard is just not sufficient for that!

Fall is my favorite season. When horrible winters hit, sometimes I HATE living in Connecticut!  But gorgeous falls are one of the perks of living in New England. I love everything about fall except that it's too short! Our family always goes to the orchard and on long leaf-peeping drives.  We've started a new tradition of going to the corn maze.  Scuffing through the fallen leaves is a given.  Fall's the best. 

I have a corny sense of humor.  It serves me well, because I actually find many of my third-graders' jokes hilarious.  My kids and I will often spend a little time watching funny animal videos. I thought I'd share a couple of our favorites!

Head over to Blog Hoppin' to join in the fun! Thanks for stopping by. 

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  1. I love Fall, too! I bet you get some GORGEOUS scenery! I live in Central California, so we don't get the advantage of true "seasons!"
    Very Perry Classroom
    P.S. I won't judge you for two posts, if you won't judge me for not blogging in for-ev-er! :)