Monday, June 8, 2015

Ribbons and Graphing

I found a fabulous freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd share about how I used it in my classroom.  Jaimie Jenks shared an activity that required students to measure lengths of ribbon and then create a line plot with their data. My students LOVED it!

I spent at least 30 minutes at Hobby Lobby last Saturday shopping for ribbon.  It was fun, and my children helped me select colors and designs. I spent two evenings in front of Netflix measuring and cutting lengths of ribbon.  It was time consuming, but worth it! That's my husband's yardstick. My son's silver ruler with teeny-tiny little black lines was NOT working for me.  It might be time for reading glasses.  

I decided to give each child their own set of ribbons in a baggy. Having kids work with partners or small groups would save on prep work.  The children measured their ribbon pieces to the nearest quarter inch, recorded their data, and then created a line plot.  

We got just a little silly with the mustache ribbon! Perhaps those pieces need replacing since they were so VERY close to 9-year-old nostrils!

If you want to grab Jaime's freebie, just click here or on the image below.  Have a good week!

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