Saturday, June 13, 2015

Five for Friday

I'm happy to be linking up again with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. In no particular order, here are some happenings from the last TWO weeks! 

Some members of the Coast Guard came to do a water safety assembly for our students. They brought this little robot with them. In the photo above, he's winking at me because I took his picture. I've never been winked at by a robotic tugboat before.  

We read Leah's Pony, a fictional story about a family living during the Dust Bowl. The students chose a project to do:  a timeline, a thank you letter from Leah, or a poster displaying Leah's character traits. The letter-writers even created their own envelopes and stamps. One student shaded the INSIDE of her envelope with brown crayon. Her reason was that the dust would've been everywhere. 

We had our field day this week.  The staff ordered shirts to wear.  On the back of each shirt is a quote from our former P.E. teacher, who passed away last year.  It was bittersweet to see all of those shirts that said, "If you had fun, you won."  Our PTA generously supplies water bottles for all of the students each year.  

I've been grading and grading and grading. I have one more set of prompts to score and then I can start report cards.  This photo is a "prompt" that my daughter's stuffed cat, Orange Kitty, wrote.  You can see that Gabrielle has corrected the spelling. I was asked to assist with the scoring of this prompt. Apparently, Orange Kitty needs to work on spelling and capitalization.  You'll be relived to know that her use of punctuation is just fine. 

In this picture Herbie looks like I feel!  Tired!  Five more days until vacation!  Once I get my report cards finished, I'll feel a lot better.  

This is a photo of Herbie keeping my company last night while I sat grading writing assignments on the couch.  He kept "helping" me by leaping up onto my papers.  He lives to serve. And sleep. And eat. And attack our cat Sunshine.  

Have a great week!  Is anyone else working on report cards this weekend? 

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