Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Herbie the Love Bug: Feline Version

We're midway through the week, and that means it's time for Wordless Wednesday. Thank you to Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice for hosting each week.  My post this week has absolutely nothing to do with school.  I think my brain is already a little bit in summer mode, even though there are 27 days left. 

Meet Herbie, our new little love bug.  He's getting along just fine with our cat, Sunshine. Tell me about your pets in the comments.  Do any of you have class pets?

In case you didn't get the reference, this is a photo of the original "Herbie the Love Bug".  I've never seen the movie, but if you want to check it out click here to find it on Amazon.  


  1. My heart has melted away looking at these pictures. That kitty is cuter than snot!!! I want one!!

  2. Herbie is just precious. I strongly advise watching Herbie the Love Bug with him, and Herbie Goes Bananas. You're missing out! My dog is Java. He used to be my baby, but then I had 3 human babies, so he's a bit neglected.
    Not very fancy in 1st