Sunday, May 31, 2015

Folders Up!

This will be a short and sweet post sharing an inexpensive organizational tip that has been a part of my classroom routine for the past several years. 

Before school starts, I send a welcome letter to students and another to their families. Parents are not required to send in supplies in our district.  In my letter, however, I ask them if they might be willing to send in 3 heavy cardboard folders with their child: an unfinished work folder, a writing folder, and a homework folder.   

The unfinished and writing folders are stored in desks.  When students are doing independent work or working on an assessment, I tell them to put "folders up".  They each have an immediate private work space. 

I've discovered that paper clips keep papers from flopping over and being a nuisance!  I keep a few dividers in case a student has uncooperative folders!

I hope this tip was helpful! Have a great week. 

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