Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wolf Themed Story Problems

Several students in grade 3 needed some additional practice with solving two-step story problems.  I spent LOTS of time last year creating materials for an intervention group.

Circling clue words is one of the strategies I teach. However, I emphasize explicitly and repeatedly that not every story problem will have clue words to rely on.  It's far more important to understand what is happening in the problem. I explain that understanding math problems requires us to use reading strategies such as visualizing and rereading. I laminated the "strategy" sheets so that students could check off each strategy as it was used.

In any small group working on problem solving, there will always be students working at different paces. To avoid students just sitting there with nothing to do, I created several sets of two-step story problem task cards and a generic sheet to go with them.

We have chocolate-themed task cards and children-themed task cards.  (Click here to see them in my store.)

I also created a set of eight wolf-themed story problem task cards which I am offering as a freebie on my blog. Click here or on the image below to to get them.  At some point in the future, these task cards will be part of a set that I'll sell in my store.

A bit of research was in order before I started writing, so I visited a great website called The site is a treasure trove of wolf information! There are articles, fun facts, and printables.  I'm thinking about printing out some of the articles in color, laminating them, and using them in a center. Just click here to head to the site.  Another informative and engaging site was on the San Diego Zoo Animals site. Click here to visit!

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