Saturday, March 28, 2015

Five for Friday

Lately I can barely find time to read blogs or write blog posts, but I try to always make time for Five for Friday!  I'm late again but happy to be linking up. Thanks again to Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting this weekly linky.

Geometry!  It's a fun unit.  So far, we've focused on lines, line segments, angles, and triangles. Here are a few photos of the kids using sticky notes to find right, obtuse, and acute angles around the classroom.

During our writing block, we've been reading articles about how to best go about getting a new dog for your family.  Should you adopt or should you shop?  The students worked with partners to make pro/con lists.  They'll be writing opinion pieces next week. 

Highlighting similes and metaphors...

We spent some time during reading focusing on figurative language.  LinguiSystems has some amazing materials.  LinguiSystems products are designed as speech and language therapy products, but they are fantastic for introducing many language arts topics.  

We've also revisited theme.  You can read about my theme wall here.  Have you discovered the completely free site  It has a huge selection of fiction and nonfiction passages for every standard. There are also detailed, thorough lesson plans with related materials for teaching the standards.  I found several passages for theme.  The Tricky Monkey is quite similar to The Boy Who Cried Wolf (one of my favorites).  

Yes, that is a chocolate fountain!  The paras in our school threw a huge breakfast for us Friday morning and this was sitting in a place of honor.  My husband and I have been counting calories and focusing on our health, so I only indulged a teeny, tiny bit.  I had a strawberry and three slices of banana with just a little drizzle of chocolate. I avoided all of the casseroles and pastries and hash browns!

Our art teacher fills the bulletin boards in our halls with beautiful artwork.  She works so hard, and it makes our building such a cheery place.  

Have a great week!  

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  1. Thanks for sharing the website, sounds great. Hope you're having a great weekend.