Saturday, March 14, 2015

Five for Friday-Two Weeks Worth!

I've been busy lately, so my blog has taken a backseat. This week's Five for Friday post includes happenings from the past TWO weeks, since I've been occupied lately.  Thank you to Kacey at Doodlebugs Teaching for hosting Five for Friday every week. I always look forward to reading everyone's posts. 

We've started comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions using fraction strips and number lines. The kids love to explore with the fraction strips. They're such a great tool. 

For the past week, we've been working on dream room descriptions.  My colleague created a great discussion guide with questions based on Bloom's Taxonomy.  Each question corresponded to a number.  Question one was a "remembering" level question, question two was an "understanding" level question, and so on.  In small groups, the students used these discussion guides and explained their ideas for their "dream room" using details and complete sentences. Next, we shared and charted some ideas in a whole group.  Students sketched their dream rooms. To add to the fun, each child was able to choose a paint sample card to staple to his or her sketch.  Planning and writing came next. The kids focused on adding specific details and starting their sentences differently.  

The kids were SO excited when I put up the fancy words wall. My favorite part are the black feather boas!  I got them at Walmart for about $7 each.   I found the idea for the board and the boas on Pinterest. Click here to go to the link. All of the fancy words on my wall came from students' writing and conversation.  The board has sparked a desire for choosing interesting vocabulary.  

It seems that delays and snow days are finally behind us. At least, I fervently hope they are!  It was so nice to finally have a normal week.  I created materials for St. Patrick's Day literacy and math centers, and the children rotated through the activities throughout the week. Another activity I created was a St. Patrick's Day themed there-their-they're scoot.  A little movement is always a good thing!  One child actually said she liked it better than recess.  

On March 2nd, our school hosted a family read-in in the evening.  The theme was "Oh, The Places You'll Go When You Read!"   We had several rooms set up with literacy activities based on different locations: Australia, Africa, the Arctic, and Mexico.  My room became an Africa room, so the students helped me to decorate. We were stuck inside for recess the week before the read-in because it was so cold. Several students volunteered to draw African animals. The photographs on the board were taken by my husband. (At the zoo. NOT in Africa.)  The clip art was created by Maps of the World/Dancing Crayon Designs and can be found here

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  

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