Friday, February 27, 2015

Full Week Five For Friday!

We finally had an entire week of school with no delays! I'm hoping now that March is almost here, we'll be done with snow days and crazy wind chills. I feel like I've really earned my Friday this week, and I'm celebrating by linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for her weekly Five for Friday linky.

My dad died on February 10th, so my niece and I got together to create a photo collage for his memorial service. It was bittersweet.  This is one of my favorite pictures.  That's me in the middle, if you hadn't guessed.  

Interactive Notebook activity by Blair Turner.

We've been elbow-deep in fraction activities this week.  We started with fractions of a region, whole, and set.  We moved on to identifying fractions on a number line.  Today, I explained about mixed numbers.  We drew several examples in our spirals.  Finally, I introduced mixed numbers on a number line. Please forgive the messy, messy number line that I drew on my Smartboard!  My math block was rapidly dwindling, and I was determined to at least introduce them to the concept.  I was in a hurry, and my Smartboard does this weird thing when your pen reaches the middle. Can you spot the "blip" after the number one?

The temperature was 9 below zero on Tuesday morning when I left for work.  I am SO ready for spring.

We started a new dog-themed reading unit this week. We started off with the Dog Jobs Activity Booklet by Green Grubs Garden Club.  We also read Rosie, A Visiting Dog's Story by Stephanie Calmenson.  To review vocabulary, we inferred meanings using context clues. Then different students came to the front of the room one-by-one.  A vocabulary word was stuck to the student's back. Everyone else had to give clues so the student could guess what the word was.  We even fit in some dog poetry this week:  Mother Doesn't Want a Dog by Judith Viorst and My Dog, He is an Ugly Dog by Jack Prelutsky.  The students partnered up to discuss the various points of view presented in the poems.  

Friday nights with my family are the best.  My son gave me permission to share his doodles with you. You've got to love pigs with parasols and propeller hats!

Have a great weekend! Does anyone else have a big bag of work to do?  

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  1. Those are nice representations of fractions. I believe Laura Numeroff is working on a new series of books about dogs with jobs.