Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fave Poetry Site

Poetry is such a great resource to use in the classroom. Of course, there are those challenging poems that are just perfect for close reading, vocabulary building, and applying reading comprehension strategies.

There are also funny poems that are just right for building fluency and for providing decoding practice in engaging ways.  I thought I'd write up a quick post to share one of my favorite sites for finding engaging, fun poems.

Kenn Nesbitt's site, Poetry4Kids is a treasure trove!  I've never once used a poem of his with the class that wasn't a hit. Click here or on the screenshot to go directly to his site.

Here's a sample of one of his poems.

My Dog Ate My Homework
by Kenn Nesbitt
My dog ate my homework.
That mischievous pup
got hold of my homework
and gobbled it up.

My dog ate my homework.
It's gonna be late.
I guess that the teacher
will just have to wait.

My dog ate my homework.
He swallowed it whole.
I shouldn't have mixed it
with food in his bowl.
Copyright © 2005 Kenn Nesbitt
All Rights Reserved

Hopefully, you find some great resources on the site.  Have a great week!

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