Thursday, January 15, 2015

Real Teachers of Blog County: The Junk Drawer!

Hilary at Second Grade is Out of This World has started a new monthly linky that is going to be very fun.  As soon as I read the title of the linkup, I was in!  

The topic this month?  The junk drawer! Is it bad that I have two (okay maybe three) of them?  Some are junkier than others.  I'm cringing a little as I prepare to post this.  I don't usually let people see my junk drawer.  But, this linky is about being "real"!  So, here it is.

I have mini-glue dots and tiny "gems" to put on the students' clips when they earn five super students on the clip chart.  Those mini-clothespins are a prize for students who have earned the right to be called "Friends of Pencils".  (See more about that sanity-saving routine here.)  Before school started, I bought a perfectly lovely sticker basket. Does that stop me from throwing sheets of stickers in my drawer? Nooooooo, it does not. There's a roll of mini duck tape with polka dots, my good scissors, some not-so-good pencils, and change in case I want a soda.  You can also spy an upside-down box of erasers, an open box of crayons with the points still on them, some labels, and some paint sample strips.  You can see what I do with the paint sample strips by clicking here.  The class list (with the names brushed out of course) is what I use to keep track of "Shout Outs" I've given.  (More about Shout Outs here.)

Well, there you go!  I certainly did not give you the entire list of drawer contents.  To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what's under the top layer!  This is my 17th year of teaching, and this is how my top desk drawer has always looked.  It's not pretty!  Maybe someday I'll reform, but it doesn't look promising.

This is such a fun linky that I strongly suggest you pop over to Second Grade is Out of This World to see other "real" teachers' junk drawers.

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