Friday, January 30, 2015

Five for Friday

Each week, I look forward to linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.

There wasn't a whole lot of school this week.  Monday was a professional development day, and we were released early because Blizzard Colbie was on the way.  Tuesday and Wednesday we had no school because of all the snow.  On Thursday and Friday we had 2-hour delays.  Spring needs to arrive soon! The top photo is from late Monday evening when the snow was starting.  The bottom photo is the view from my classroom window this morning. You can't tell, but it was snowing lightly.

While we were snowed in, my daughter brought me this invitation to a tea party.  I planned to attend in my jammies, but my daughter politely suggested that I get dressed.

When we FINALLY got to school on Thursday, I tried to get as much accomplished as possible. Here the kids are researching turtles and tortoises with partners and in small groups.  To read more about our turtle research projects [and to grab a freebie] click here

Some of my students have finished the main events of their snow monster stories.  They are peer editing using a checklist. My co-teacher and I will be teaching techniques for a strong, extended ending next. You can read more about how I teach writing by going to the Empowering Writers website.

The cafeteria staff requested some hearts for the one bulletin board in our school's kitchen. The children walk by it as they wait in line for their lunches. Since we've been cooped up so much due to bad weather, we spent a few minutes creating these hearts last week.  Today, during indoor recess, the kids had the option of gluing on some sequins.  

Well, that's it!  I'm amazed at how much we got done in two days.  My students were wonderful.  

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to visit Doodle Bugs Teaching to read more Five for Friday posts. 

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  1. That tea party invitation from your daughter is the cutest!!! And those hearts look great! What a great idea for a bulletin board! And sounds like the whole school will get to enjoy them! Have a super weekend!