Friday, September 19, 2014

Five for Friday

It's Friday!  That means 3 things:  
1.  Tonight my family will be having a fire in our fire pit. 
2.  I can sleep in tomorrow!
3.  It's time for another Five for Friday link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching.  

Beginning third graders often have a difficult time learning how to explain mathematical processes in writing. My students are already starting to show some progress, but most still aren't quite sure how to communicate their thinking.  So far, I've been doing lots of modeling, and we've constructed some responses together.  I was correcting math papers the other day, and was pleased to read the response pictured above on a student's paper.  I decided to start doing "Wow Work" models periodically.  I created a very simple slide in Power Point.  I'll display it on the Smartboard, and we'll discuss why it is a strong response.  I plan to use "Wow Work" models for reading responses and written pieces as well.  

On Sunday afternoon my husband, the kids, and I went for a drive. The weather was way too nice to stay in the house.  We ended up stopping in at Goodwill.  We spent about an hour looking for books. My children each chose some books.  I got the entire Anne of Green Gables series...for myself.  Most of the books we purchased were for my classroom library.  Goodwill is such a great place to find lots of titles, and it's FUN to shop.

These came from our local Farmers' Market.  The brownish ones are called chocolate bell peppers (or
something like that).  They don't taste anything like chocolate, but they were sweet and yummy. October is the last month for Farmers' Markets around here.  Fall is on the way.  

In my last Five for Friday post, I said that I planned to use the differentiated place value cards from my Apple Season Math and Literacy Activities.  I did use them, and they were a big hit.  It is so much fun to see students excited about math.  My group that needed a bit of a challenge worked on the carpet with clipboards. I gave them the "apple tree" set of task cards, which has numbers with 4 to 6 digits. Most of the students used the "basket of apples" cards, which have four-digit numbers. I hung the cards around the room, and students walked around with clipboards solving each problem.  A third group of students used the set of "applesauce" cards in a small group with support.  The applesauce cards have three-digit numbers.  Although the cards in the set have colorful clip art, I usually just print in gray scale.  The students never seem to mind!  Next week, I'll be using the literacy activities during center times.  I usually plan four centers per week, and students rotate through them.  

Over the past two years, the grade level teams in my school spent a LOT of time creating reading units that align with the Common Core State Standards for reading literature and reading informational text.  We've started our first unit, which focuses heavily on character traits.  One of the resources we have is a Harcourt anthology. We use several of the selections in the anthologies, but we teach them differently than we used to.  We started with Officer Buckle and Gloria and wrote about Officer Buckle's character traits. One of my students wrote that Officer Buckle was gullible, because Gloria fooled him so easily!  I was quite impressed! We moved on to Nate the Great: San Francisco Detective. (Another anthology selection.)  Partners read together.  I had prepared "Stop and Discuss" questions. They needed to stop after reading a chapter and discuss the questions.  I am excited to be team-teaching inclusion reading with an AMAZING colleague.  I also have the support of an extremely qualified instructional assistant. It was SO GREAT, because we were able to circulate and listen to all of the students read and discuss the text.  In the photos above, some of the students were enjoying other Nate the Great books and Jigsaw Jones books during an independent reading time.  Next week, my class will continue reading mysteries. My colleague and I will plan guided reading groups. Since there are so many adults in the room, we'll be able to see every group daily!

Don't forget to head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to see what everyone else has been up to this week.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love the WOW work powerpoint! It is a great way to praise a student's hard work and give everyone else an example.
    Chickadee Jubilee