Friday, September 12, 2014

Five for Friday!

It's that time again! I'm linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for another Five for Friday.

Our school had a goal that 85% of students would return their summer reading journals.  Since we exceeded that goal, our principal dressed up like a mad scientist (think Einstein hair).  He read the book 11 Experiments That Failed to all of the 3rd graders, and then every child in the grade did an experiment.

This was me last week! The weather last week was absolutely horrible.  In the nineties.  Extremely humid.  It was difficult to be motivated, and the poor kids were practically melting.  This week was much nicer!  Having nice weather makes such a difference.

Over the summer, I read a thought-provoking and very entertaining blog post by Katie from Teacher to the Core. Click here to go directly to her post.  The post described how she uses "Shout outs!" in the classroom.  I decided to buy her product, and I'm so glad I did.  Each day, I fill out 5 or 6 shout out awards and pass them out while we wait for dismissal.  The students who have earned a shout out stand.  Then, we applaud and do two or three of our favorite cheers!  There are SO many different awards in the pack.  I've copied them on colorful paper and organized them in small plastic pockets.  I have a special drawer for my shout outs so they are easy to grab.  Katie has included a recording sheet in the pack so you can keep track of the shout outs you give each day.  Click here to get the Shout Outs! in her store.

Open House was Thursday night.  I had intended to take photos before families arrived, but I kept getting distracted!  Open House is always a lot of fun. The kids are so excited to guide their families around the classroom.  Several of my previous students and their parents popped in to say hello as well.  

On Monday evening, my son invited me to go out on the porch to look at the sunset.  I almost didn't take him up on it, but then I realized what a gift it is to have an 11-year-old son who wants to look at a sunset with his mother!  He is a blessing.

Have a restful weekend! Don't forget to head over to Doodlebugs Teaching to see what everyone else was up to this week.

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