Saturday, September 6, 2014

Five for Friday on Saturday - With Freebies

Second week of school...done!  Four days with students!  My class is delightful.  I'm linking up again with Doodlebugs Teaching to share five notable things about my week.

On Saturday we went to the apple orchard.  Every other year, we've waited until October.  It always seems that once October arrives, there are very few nice apples.  So, we thought we'd go early this year.  It was kind of disappointing.  The apples just didn't seem ready, and they weren't that sweet.  I was excited to see that there were peaches, though! My kids blew dandelion fuzz.  My kids had the chance to pet an old and very gentle horse. I'm embarrassed to tell you that I was a big baby and did NOT pet the horse.  Horses are just so BIG. 
I've been making all sorts of things for my classroom. 

I've made a label for a "lost book"  basket.  My classroom library is organized, but students still sometimes aren't sure.  In those cases, they tend to just stick the book where it doesn't go!  Now, they can put the book in the lost book basket instead.  

The cute label for my student file box will get attached this week.  For years I used mailboxes, but I tried files last year and it worked out really well.  The file box takes up a lot less room.

One of my students asked if we would have a birthday chart.  She wrote me a note on a post-it that said, "Please make a birthday chart if you want to." How polite is SHE?  I just had to make the chart since she asked so respectfully.  You can grab the book basket label, the file box label, and the birthday chart for free.  Click on the images to get them.  

Our school mascot is a Husky, so we give out paws for wise choices as part of our school-wide positive behavior program.  Each week, every class nominates a Husky Hero.  Well, today a colleague made my day.  Two of my students from last year came into my room this morning to give me a paw.  On the back was a note from their new teacher.  It read, "For being responsible and teaching your students to explain their thinking mathematically".  I took a photo of the paw, but deleted it by mistake!  

We started cursive this week.  I don't think I've ever had a third grader who wasn't excited about learning cursive.  It always amazes me.  We started our first lesson with lots of modeling and lots of writing in the air with our fingers.  Then, I gave the students black construction paper. They could choose to use chalk or a light colored crayon to practice.  

In math, we've started with place value.  The students worked with partners to build 3 and 4-digit numbers with base ten blocks.  Students also worked together to draw blocks to show a 3-digit number. Then they wrote that number in standard and expanded form.  

One of the activities I'll use for practice this week is a place value solve-the-room activity.  It's part of my Apple Season Math and Literacy Activities. There are three sets of task cards that are differentiated.  To differentiate, I hang sets of different cards around the room. Then I give students the recording sheets that match the cards I want them to use. Students circulate around the room solving only the problems that match that set.  The 3 sets can also be combined to make a mixed set, or they can be used as task cards. Click on the picture below if you are interested in seeing the entire set of activities in my store. 

Have a great week! Don't forget to head over to Doodlebugs Teaching to see more Five for Friday posts!

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  1. I love the story about your getting a "paw"- how sweet was that. Your class sounds just as sweet. I'm your newest follower! You left me a comment about something I posted, and I thought it was about a fine motor sheet that I posted, not the questions sheet- so you must think I am CRAZY now. :) I love your blog!
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