Monday, August 18, 2014

WHO? Blog Hoppin': Back to School 2014

Blog Hoppin' is having a Back to School link up.  Here's how it works.  post will go live at 5 am Eastern time. Stop by and link up to each individual post and then link back to Blog Hoppin's original post in your post.  If you don't have a blog of your own, hop over to get new ideas and read up on your favorite bloggers!  Here are the topics:

Okay. Day one. 

Let me start by saying that this photo is as natural as it gets.  I'm happy and enjoying time with my children. And... My hair needs to be colored.  I always procrastinate.  The whole POINT of coloring your hair is to do it frequently. That way no one realizes that you color you hair!  They think that shiny vibrancy is just how you naturally look.  Well, apparently I just can't get that through my head.  So, here's my natural but happy photo.  I live in Connecticut in a quiet town.  It isn't exactly rural, but it is definitely not a city.  I'm married to a wonderful man.  He's the best.  My son, Seth, just turned 11. He'll be entering 6th grade.  My daughter, Gabrielle, is 5 and will be entering 1st grade. She's a November baby, so she started kindergarten at age 4. I love to hang out with family and friends. Staying home on the weekends is my favorite thing to do. Sunshine is our only pet.  He was rescued by our local animal shelter after being attacked by something.  When we got him he was half-shaved and stitched up. My kids are his favorite people.  He'll walk into their rooms while they're playing and plop himself down in the middle of all their toys. My daughter refers to him as "Mr. Fluffer Ears" and kisses him on the head at least once a day.  

Historical fiction is my favorite genre.  I don't mind suspenseful books, as long as they aren't too graphic. Digital scrapbooking is another favorite hobby, but creating products for Teachers Pay Teachers has become my new creative outlet.  So, I haven't been scrapping much lately.  Here are a couple of fairly recent pages.

1997 was my first year of teaching. My first two years were spent teaching special education.  Then, I moved to my current school to take a position as a remedial reading teacher.  I moved into a grade 2/3 looping position in the same building. Looping has gone away in our district.  Now, I teach a regular 3rd grade class. Having the same students for two years was so wonderful, and I miss it.  It's so nice to only have one curriculum to teach, though. 

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