Tuesday, August 19, 2014

WHERE? Blog Hoppin': Back to School 2014

Blog Hoppin' is having a fun back to school link up.  We're answering those "wh" questions... One each day!

I teach 3rd grade in a rural town in Connecticut.  There are several dairy farms. Sometimes, my ride into work is a bit slower than usual,  because I am stuck behind a tractor hauling hay bales. There have been times when I've been forced to stop for a family of ducks.  Once, there was a cow just grazing beside the road.  It obviously escaped from where it was supposed to be!  In case it isn't obvious, I LOVE the town where I teach.  As long as I'm not running late, I kind of enjoy tractors and stray farm animals.

The top photo is the main entrance to my school.  The other photo is the view from my classroom windows. I LOVE that my room overlooks the field.  If you look very hard, you can spot turkeys.  They visit rather frequently.  I've also seen deer and an owl.

Next, here are a few photos of my classroom.  I'm not sharing lots of photos, because my classroom is NOT finished.  I go back officially on Monday the 25th. Students start on the 27th.  I have a few more things to finish up before then.  I do not have a theme.... just lots of blue and green.  My goal was to have a room that is organized and cheerful.

Here is the view from behind my desk.  It probably will not be this clean a month from now. Beyond the desk are my pocket charts where centers will be assigned.  My drawers and bins for center materials are on a table and my Smart Board is hanging next to the table.

This carpet area on the other side of my classroom serves as a meeting space.  We also use the space as a small-group work area and a spot to read silently or with a friend.  I have shelves and baskets of books by topic and theme.  The drawing on the board is one my daughter created in June.  I won't be erasing it until I'm sure she won't visit the classroom again!  In the back corner under the flag is my clip chart and a nook-like area where students will be able to work on the floor.  

Here's my sink/bulletin board/counter combo! We'll start the year learning about trees and the forest habitat, so I've hung posters related to that.  Usually, this board holds student work.  

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