Sunday, August 17, 2014

SALE... Freebies... Why'd I buy it? Linky

First things first!  Teachers Pay Teachers is having a ONE DAY back-to-school BOOST sale on August 20th.  All of the products in my store will be 20% off.  You can get up to 28% when you use this code at checkout:  BOOST.  Click on the image to head over to my store.

Now... A fun linky.  You know as teachers that we LOVE to see what everyone else has purchased for their classrooms!  We all love to browse the back-to-school aisles.  When I saw that there was a monthly linky where I could share the stuff I've bought, I knew I had to participate!

Welcome to the "Why'd I buy it?" linky hosted by Elementary AMC.  Here are a few of the things I've spent money on lately.

These trays came from the dollar aisle at Target.  They are colorful and fun, and I really needed new paper trays.  These will probably be a one-year solution.  They are heavy cardboard and won't hold up long term, but I like how cheerful-looking they are.

These black baskets also came from Target.  They were on sale!  $2.49 each!  I chose these baskets to make my "Lost Items" and "Book Hospital" bins.  I also use these baskets for my book bins.  I will probably pick up a few more and store them in case I want to expand my library. I created the labels myself, and attached them with glue dots.  I'm offering the labels as a freebie.  Click here to get them.

I bought the blue basket and the green containers at the Dollar Tree.  The blue basket is used to store stickers.  My OLD sticker box was purchased when I started teaching 17 years ago!  The lid had broken off, and it was looking ROUGH.  The little green bins are on my desk holding paper clips and binder clips. You can just see the colorful assortment of binder clips, which I bought at Staples. I might need more. Really.  I'm a bit of an office supply nut.  That lovely crystal container was NOT something I purchased.  A sweet, sweet student gave it to me as a gift.  I think of her and smile whenever I look at it.
More Dollar Tree items!  The aqua bins will be my tabletop trash bins for students to use when they are cutting.  I probably won't use them often, but we end up with lots of scraps when we do interactive math notebook activities.  I bought stickers, because I go through lots of them!   I put stickers on corrected work all the time.  The pencil sharpeners will go into my group bins.  Each group of desks has a bin that is kept on a shelf. I place markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, and pencil sharpeners into each bin.  When we need the materials, I send a student over to get the bin for his/her group.

The puzzle is for a mini-lesson on predicting.  Students will predict what the picture will be once the puzzle is assembled by looking at the pieces.  Then we'll CHECK our predictions by putting the puzzle together.  I'll connect this to reading by explaining that when we make predictions about text, we use clues. Then, we read on to check our predictions.  This is NOT my idea.  It came from Jen Jones at Hello Literacy.  She's written a blog post about how to use puzzles and artwork to teach prediction and inferencing.  Click here to read her blog post. You can visit her TPT store here.

Flip chart markers! Do I even need to explain this one?  Juicy, bright markers for making anchor charts are just a necessity. Right?

I purchased this file tote from Staples to use as my sub tub. It sits near my desk and will be ready if I ever need to be out unexpectedly.  I had planned to share the contents of my sub tub today, but I got kicked out of the building on Friday before I could finish putting it together!  I'm sharing my Sub Tub label as a freebie as well.  You can get it by clicking here.

I also bought lots of things that I did not take pictures of.  I bought a bunch of spiral notebooks at Staples for 17 cents each. I bought boxes of crayons at Walmart.  My Dad is in a nursing home now, but he used to buy me notebooks and crayons every year when the back-to-school sales started.  I think I might always buy crayons and notebooks just to keep the tradition going.

I'd love to read about what you bought and how you plan to use it! Which purchase are you most excited about?

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  1. So many great purchases!! I like the cardboard trays and Sharpies of course : ) I am totally stealing the puzzle idea!! Love the sub label too. Thanks so much for linking up.