Sunday, August 3, 2014

Let's Have Some Fun! (Linky)

I'm linking up with Sally at Elementary Matters for a little bit of fun.  I should be basking at the beach and taking day trips to the zoo with my kids (and I fully intend to do that during what's left of the summer). What I'm currently doing instead of basking is thinking about school.  It starts in 3 weeks.  Thinking about the new school year can be stressful.  I don't know my students yet, my room isn't quite finished, and I'm not entirely sure what my new schedule will be.  Once the year begins, I can just dive in and do what teachers do.  Right now, I feel like I SHOULD be doing something, but I don't know what!  So, this "have some fun" linky was just what I needed.

Here's how the link up works.  First, share a funny school story.  Here's mine.  My first year of teaching, I was quite overwhelmed.  I often got up ridiculously early to go over my plans.  I definitely might have cried on the way to work.  Often.  Sometimes.  One morning at school, after a night of less-than-restful sleep, I was taking a few moments before my lesson to let my students know that I was going to need some help from them.  I said, "I'm going to really need your help today.  We'll need to work together to make this a great day.  I need something from you...   It starts with a c....."  Now, I was thinking that I needed cooperation.  But, when I said, "It starts with a c..." a student leaped up with enthusiasm and yelled, "COFFEE!  You need COFFEE!"

I'll also leave you with a cute quote from a student who was in my class last year. Do you think he might be a future teacher?

Now, onto my fun product.  Fill-It-In Bingo!  My students love this game.  To play this game, students do a two-sided sheet of problems. Then they fill in the correct answers on a blank bingo board and play bingo. I've used this as a math center, but it could also be used with the whole class.  You can go to the "Fill It In Bingo"section of my Teachers Pay Teachers store to find this bundle and my other versions of the game.  I have seasonal versions and versions that target different math skills.

For the next two days (August 4th and 5th), Teachers Pay Teachers is having a "Blast Off  Back to School Sale".  All of the products in my store will be discounted.  Use the promo code BTS14 to get 28% off all of my products.  Click on the image below to head over to my store.


  1. That Shane was a smart kid! Thanks for linking up!

  2. He was a hoot! I'll miss him next year.